The famous architect puts his mark on the island and talks to us about uniquely combining his art with… tourism!


– Plethora of projects, prominent co-operations and important distinctions. What is the next “big bet” for you?

Tourism in Greece needs the contribution of architecture to give solutions to outdated aesthetic structures. We can take advantage of the existing hotel infrastructure and with aesthetic upgrade and renovation create a very competitive tourist product. This is the bet for me. Mykonos is the ideal place…

– Both the renovation of Remezzo as well as the one of Flora Super Market are two projects that were talked about… Which were your criteria for creating them?

My planning introduces architecture and design into decoration. For me, any place, with any use, has to be able to “talk” to the heart and the mind of the users without any decorative elements. I create self-sufficient environments. The design of each area creates focus points, flowing looks and finally a pleasure coming from understanding its ergonomics and layout. From this point onwards, the use of decorative elements becomes a “game” to satisfy colour, contrast or the need for the users to express themselves.

– How has construction evolved in Mykonos during the last decade and how do you imagine the next one?

Construction has increased during the last years. I believe that in the near future there will be many reconstructions and renovations mostly of big houses as well as openings of hotel giants…

– What are the development margins of architectural tourism in Greece?

The climate, the beaches, the sea, the mountain, as well as the architecture in Greece has always been impressive. If we decide to give a push to innovative design with fresh ideas and the latest developments in technology in all levels of planning, use and construction, we will preserve and increase the architectural tourism in Greece.