Our world is experiencing many variations in how people feed, live and interact with the environment. People form communities, villages, cities near sources of food, water and transportation means.
Our planet’s climate is slowly changing nevertheless, through millions of years, has formed climate zones and various environments that people chose to live. Cultivation of the fertile ground is the main food recourse.
Overpopulation of those areas is common.
Unemployment of millions of people is a fact.
Famine is a reoccurring problem in many parts of the world.
This project can start from the seashores of West Africa and expand in the vast deserts. The concept is to transform the deserts from dry, unfriendly environment to a constantly growing fertile landscape that produces food and gives home and employment to millions of people.

The architectural concept is analyzed bellow:

• Starting from seashore, preferably from sea level, we build a river’s bed that will expand towards the desert.
• This artificial river is flooded with seawater.
• On both banks of the river, building modules are constructed. These buildings:

1. Give shelter to the workers of the giant project.
2. The building’s base is a desalination compound. Seawater is desalinated and stored in the building’s structural frame.
3. Some of the desalinated water is used for human consumption needs and the major quantity passes, through the mesh that connects the buildings, to the membranes exposed to the sun. With controlled evaporation the water that remains in the mesh is rich with nutritious material from the seawater. That enriched water is pumped to the cultivation plots on each side of the river.
4. The energy needed is been produced from the solar panels on the top of each building.
5. Each bank of the river is a road for vehicles that are involved in the construction of the project and vehicles that transport the agricultural products to the river so they can be loaded on barges.
6. The artificial seawater river is the main transport route.

• The seawater in the river is slowly moving by thrusters on the river’s bed getting power from the solar panels on the top of the buildings.
• The deserts landscape detects the route of the river. Different landscape altitudes mean detached rivers connected with pipes.
• Besides the cultivation zones, near the buildings oases will be emerge giving extra friendly walking space for recreation time of the families.
Each building is a people’s community. The inhabitants will be after a while not only workers but also families. The buildings will accommodate facilities that will improve the living standards. Working on the “TRANSFORMING THE DESERTS” project will be the cause of immigration.

By constructing several modules of the building, thousands of people, even refugees, will find shelter, food, work and a cause.